Your Pet's Health is our 1st Priority

At Animed, we are not a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, and we do not treat these procedures as "routine". We treat them like the serious surgeries that they are, and we provide high level monitoring and care for all of our patients. ALL of our patients are provided with pain medication for their comfort and improved healing, as well as E-collars (lampshades, cones of shame) for their safety. We provide state-of-the-art anesthetic monitoring, including EKG, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and respiration monitors throughout surgery and recovery. Our patients receive IV catheters and K-Laser incision therapy as well, and all these are included in the quoted price. Costs vary based on species, weight, age, and current reproductive status, so call for a quote today for the next level of "routine" care. (We do accept spay and neuter vouchers from county shelters to help defray the cost, make sure and let us know if you have one!)